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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Automation of Production Process

Automation of production process - represents the use of a set of means that allow to carry out production processes without direct human involvement, but under human control. Automation of production processes leads to higher productivity, while reducing the number of equipment servicing personnel, improving product quality and increasing production safety.

Throughout its activity on the market of industrial automation, the „Kvadrat SG“ Company has acquired an extensive experience in the field of automation of production processes, as on the basis of industrial controllers of the world’s leading manufacturers, as on the basis of robotic systems. Qualified specialists of the company are ready to perform a full range of services on automation of industrial facilities, taking into account the specific features of the production process.

With its high productional- and technical potential, the "Kvadrat SG" Company is ready not only to automate the production process, but also to carry out modernization of the existing automated system, greatly increasing its efficiency.

You can see some examples of the production process automation in the following projects:

ZAO "Ford Motor Company"
Complete integrated automation of the final bodywork assembly section;

ООО "Wrigley"
Automated feeding system of boxes for products with weighing terminal;

ZAO "Ford Motor Company"
Upgrading of final assembly conveyor line;

ZAO "Ford Motor Company"
Development of the painted bodies buffer. Development of the unpainted bodies buffer;

ZAO „Elektroljuks Bytovaya Tekhnika“ (Electrolux)
Conveyor line for transportation of the finished products to the warehouse;

ZAO „Petersburg Products International“ (Gillette)
Conveying- and processing line for transportation and packaging of the finished products.