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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Belt conveyors

Belt-type conveyors are designed for transportation of unit loads (packages, boxes, bags with packaged products) and loose goods. We produce belt conveyors of various lengths; they may be either rectilinear or oblique, be completed with a drive for individual sections or for the entire conveyor. Conveyors can be used both independently and combined with filling-and-packaging systems, shrink film wrappers or other types of equipment.

05_prod_01 05_prod_02

Belt conveyors can be combined into an integrated production line, by coupling miscellaneous equipment units with one another.

05_prod_03 05_prod_04

Belt conveyors can be equipped with any type of belts (for food and nonfood products), made of special fabric for conveyor belts, rubberized fabric, polyurethane, polymer materials or metal mesh of various types.

On request of the customer, we produce conveyors of any length and configuration

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Production line for tea mixing (blending) (ООО "Universalnyje Pishtchevyje Tekhnologii")
  • Mobile platform-type plant for impregnation of protection tube with polyester resin (PRiSS)
  • Conveying- and processing line for tea blending (Convery investmens limited ("SOLOMIA"))
  • Automated feeding system of boxes for products, with weighing terminal (Wrigley)
  • Conveying- and processing line for tea blending (Tealand (Kazakhstan))
  • Conveying- and processing line for unpacking and dressing (Nevskije Porogi)
  • Conveying- and processing line for impregnation of protective tube with polyester resin (PRiSS)
  • Automated conveying- and processing line for tea blending ("May" Company)