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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Equipment Manufacturing according to Customer Drawings

"Kvadrat SG" can manufacture products according to your drawings. Drawings can be provided in any form (electronic Auto Cad, Solid Works, Compass, as well as in paper form). If necessary, our design engineers will help you to upgrade the existing design.

We also offer services of adapting foreign drawings to suit the requirements of ESKD (Russian Unified System of Engineering Drawings).

Examples of equipment manufactured according to customer’s drawings:

1. Flexible tubing production machinery.

Customer: «Uniflex» LTD (Mechanical Engineering Industry)

In the process of manufacturing the machine for flexible tubing production, we took as a base the old design, which has already been applied by OOO “Uniflex”. Our engineers have revised the design. The principle of operation was modified, which improved the aesthetic view of the machine, its productivity and the end product quality. 03_uslugi_01 03_uslugi_02

2. Bus body parts.

Customer: «Scania-Piter» LTD (Motor Vehicle Industry)
Manufactured parts have dimensions from 30mm to 1 200mm.
Surface layer of the parts: polymeric powder, HD galvanizing, chemical oxidation.

In serial production of body parts for buses, the "Kvadrat SG” Company has started to apply extensively the plasma cutting of sheet metal. This allowed producing massive numbers of parts, at a low price. 03_uslugi_03