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Wednesday, 26 February 2020


"Kvadrat SG" company was established in 1985 by Sergei Gadalov based on temporary research and production units.

  • 1985-1990 - TRPU.
  • 1990-1995 - "Kvadrat SG" Cooperative
  • 1995 - today- OOO "Kvadrat SG"

With the birth of the Russian market the company managed to bring under a wide range of technological equipment. During this time we have accumulated experience in the production of various models of equipment: conveyors (including pneumatic), filling and packaging machines, thermal cutting, technological manipulators, etc. In addition, we have experience in adapting imported technology for industrial and technological conditions of the Customer.

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The success of the company is held due to a regular engaging of professionals from various branches of science and technology for projects designing. In some cases our equipment models have better technical characteristics comparing with Western counterparts. The company performs full cycle of works: pre-project analysis, design, manufacturing of technological equipment of any complexity type, installation and commissioning.

In September 2000, "Kvadrat SG" has moved into its own administrative and production building (2500 sq. m.) near the metro station "Moscow Gate "(St. Petersburg)

OOO "Kvadrat SG":

02_istoria_logo01 Since 2004, "Kvadrat SG" is the official distritbutor of SMC Pneumatik - manufacturer and provider of air saw.
02_istoria_logo02 Since 2005 "Kvadrat SG" is the founder of the North-West industrial park "High Tech Industry", which aims to combine scientific and industrial organizations in the city to solve technological problems and the creation of high-tech equipment. www.high-techindustry.ru
02_istoria_logo03 Since 2006 "Kvadrat SG" is the system integrator of industrial robots of Japanese corporation FANUC Robotics. Because of the active promotion of Fanuc robots "Kvadrat SG" was chosen as a strategic partner of the corporation in 2010.

During over 25 years of our existence, we have created a range of equipment models with better characteristics comparing with the world analogues.

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High Technological Culture of progressive industry which has developed a worldview of a company leaders is now carefully preserved in the company and transferring youth.