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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Interstorey elevator for finished products

05_prod_53The interstorey elevator for the finished products is designed to transport the finished products from one storey to another.

Technical specifications:

Elevation height (carriage stroke) – 6 000 mm
Load-lifting capacity – 100 kg
Driving element: motor-reducer SEW Eurodrive with frequency reducer
Maximum speed of ascending/descending motion – 0.7 m/sec
Smooth start and stop.
Traction element – counter-balanced cogged belt.
Mechanical slip-type catchers, actuating in case of breaking-down of the traction belt.
Manual horizontal sliding doors of the shaft, with automatic lock and electrical blocking system protecting from unauthorized opening.
The carriage is equipped with the unpowered roller table with mechanical brake.

Interstorey elevator was manufactured and delivered as a part of the „Conveyor line for transporting the finished products to the warehouse“ for OOO „Electrolux Rus“.

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Conveyor line for transporting the finished products to the warehouse (Elektroljuks Bytovaya Tekhnika (Electrolux))