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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Mobile platform-type plant for impregnation of the protection sleeve with polyester resin

Customer: PRiSS

The plant is designed for impregnation of the protective sleeve with polyester resin in a semi-automatic mode.

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Specifications of the product.

  • Protective sleeve with a  porous coating, designed to be impregnated with a resin:
  • Outer layer material of the sleeve - polyethylene or PVC.
  • Inner layer material of the sleeve, designed to be  impregnated with a resin - needle-punched polyester fabric.

Dimensions of the sleeve:

  • width max, mm - 1 884
  • length, mm - 25 000 and more
  • thickness (with a filling material), mm - from 6 to 96
  • weight max, kg/lrm - 15 (with a resin - 150)

Maximum one-time loading of a resin into the sleeve, m3      - 8.0

The plant is functioning under the following conditions:

  • continuous operation mode, two working shifts                 - up to 22 hours a day;
  • temperature of the ambient air in the area of control console – not less than +5°С;
  • operation place – outdoors, under the sun protection roof;
  • relative air humidity                                          - up to 80% (with t = + 25°С).

Transportation of the plant may be carried out using a container carrier for the 20 ft container, in accordance with norms and regulations applicable for such type of vehicle.

Structurally, the mobile plant consists of separate pieces of equipment:

Conveyor roller, which is composed of a 4-section frame, mounted on the supports. The frame is fitted with twinned rollers and a vertical column with a run-around roller of the belt conveyor, which, in its turn, consists of:

  • a modular frame pivot-hinged on the support and on the hydraulic cylinders that allow to change the angle of inclination of the conveyor, in accordance with the production process.
  • a drive unit, which consists of a drive pulley, a deflection pulley and a tensioning device. The movement of the drive pulley is effected by a chain drive from the stationary shaft of a squeezing device.
  • a squeezing device, which is rigidly fixed to the conveyor, that can move along the frame guides with the help of hydraulic cylinders, changing the gap between the rolls. Finally, the gap is set up by applying the prisms that are moving on the „screw-nut“ principle.
  • the drive of the rollers that consists of an electric motor mounted on the frame, and of the belt transmission. Through the belt transmission, the rotation is transmitted to the two flat-helical reducers and, correspondnigly, to the rolls on which they are installed. The belt conveyor and the squeezing device are mounted on the welded undismountable frame that allows fast assembly and disassembly of the equipment.
Hydraulic power drive unit that is made as a single block, mounted on the hydraulic reservoir.
Control console.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall power output of the unit - 3 kW;
  • Production rate, lrm/h, not less than - 12
  • Speed of conveying the sleeve to the squeezing device, m/min - 0.25…1.35
  • Adjustment range of the cylinders of the squeesing device, mm - 10-140

Hydraulic cylinder НК НМ01 25 0200
Swivel range of belt conveyor, degrees                                                     - 0…10
Hydraulic cylinder НК НМ05 50 0600

Specifications of the electric motor drive of the squeezing device and of the belt conveyor:

Asynchronous motor DFV112M8/TH
Nominal output power, kW                                                                                - 1.5
Rotation frequency, 1/min                                                                                      - 700
Flat parallel-shaft reducer FA87GAD3
Maximum torque at take-off shaft - 3 000

Outline dimensions:

For transport:

  • length, mm - 6 050
  • width, mm - 2 950
  • height, mm - 2 100

For operation:

  • length, mm - 22 000
  • width, mm - 2 950
  • height, mm - 2 100

Weight, kg - 7 800

Products employed:

  • Belt conveyors