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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Pneumatically driven manipulators

„Kvadrat SG“ designs and manufactures manipulators of various types, that are used in food processing industry.

Pneumatically-driven manipulators are designed for moving the product in the process of production or packaging.

05_prod_49Manipulator, manufactured for OOO „Wrigley“

The manipulator feeds the chewing gum packs from the boxes to the feeding transporter; is a part of the chewing gum packs feeding line.

Technical specifications:

Production rate, units/min – up to 660
Air pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa – 0.6
Air consumption rate, l/min - 100
SMC configuration

Manipulator, manufactured for  ООО „Khlebnyj Dom“ („House of Bread“)

05_prod_50 05_prod_51The manipulator is designed to place the aluminum cuvettes onto the belt of the conveyor.

Technical specifications:

Outline dimensions, mm:

  • length- 545
  • width - 410
  • height – 1 064

Weight, kg - 80
Production rate, units/min - 15
Height of the stack of the cuvettes, mm, not more than - 360
Air pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa – 0.6
Air consumption, l/min - 100
SMC configuration

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Automatic pack feeder to the Flow Pack packaging machine  (Wrigley)