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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Vibro orienting devices

The vibro orienting device structurally consists of two vibratory bowl feeders, each of which orients one of the assembly parts.

Vibratory bowl feeder is engineered as follows:

A load is installed on the table with 4 vibratory bearings. Four electromagnets are attached to the load, connecting the load with the disk, upon which the bowl feeder (that represents in fact the spiral track) is mounted. The bowl feeder makes a circular vibrational motion, forcing the products to move up. The bowl feeder is driven by electromagnets that make vibrational motions with a frequency of 50 Hz.

The vibratory bowl feeder should work in a self-oscillation mode, while achieving maximum productivity. The operational mode is selected by identical slewing of electromagnets about their axis. Positioning of the product in the desired position is effected by means of a „rejector“ and „orientator“, which are installed at the output of the bowl feeder.

05_prod_26 05_prod_27

The „rejector“ is actually a local narrowing with the inclined plane, through which pass the products with their axis oriented along the motion direction . The „orientator“ is a groove, whose width is greater than the diameter of the main part of the products, but less than their flange. It brings the product into a vertical position with flange upwards. The products that did not have time to orient, are thrown back into the bowl through nozzles, by air flow.

The air flow should only throw out non-oriented products and should not hinder the passage of oriented products. Adjustment of the air flow is carried out by means of a flow-regulating valve installed on the block.

Technical specifications:
Production rate, it/min - 100
Vibration frequency - 50 Hz

An example of the use of an vibro orienting device you can see in the project of „Automatic machine for coupling caps and nozzles of „Super Moment“ glue tubes“ that was implemented for ZAO „Henkel-Era Tosno“.

These products were used in the following projects:

  • Automatic assembly machine for coupling caps and nozzles of „Super Moment“ glue tubes (Henkel-Era)